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All KTI Workshops and Seminars are now available to be presented at YOUR LOCATION.  Please call or email us if you would like to host our Workshops or Seminars at your church or other location: 848-628-4010 or

Kingdom Training Institute is a "regional apostolic equipping" ministry, offering Workshops and Seminars in Kingdom Discipleship, Prophetic Training, the Arts, Life Coach services and training, and more.  Please visit our website for more information:

A New Wineskin is forming... will you be part of it?

Heaven's Invasion is a new regional gathering of the body of Christ that meets Sunday evenings at 6 pm at the Harvest Training Center, Cranford NJ.  It's a new "wineskin" where Jesus, the King of kings is actively recognized and honored as Head, and Whose Presence is our highest value and priority.

It's an informal, family-style gathering where you'll find food, fellowship, testimonies, sharing from the Word, and worship.  But most of all, it's an opportunity for Jesus to move in our midst to do whatever He desires!

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A professional Life Coach can help you discover your destiny and achieve your personal goals faster.

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